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Wellness Centered Dentistry is committed to helping our patients achieve optimal dental health for a lifetime. This goal requires a different approach to dental care, one that involves treating people as individuals and spending the time necessary to understand each person’s priorities and unique dental challenges.

Historically dentists were trained to be dental “repairmen” who would “fix” things when they broke. This model was based on treating the effects of disease and had little to do with controlling the causes of disease and preventing future problems.

Patients receiving this type of care usually experienced a general decline in their dental health over time and often lost their teeth and spent the rest of theirlives struggling with a denture. This approach lacks planning, prevention, and predictability and unfortunately is the model still used by most dental practices today.

At Wellness Centered Dentistry we work more like “investigators” who identify the underlying causes of dental destruction unique to each individual. Once we have identified these risk factors we can develop a lifetime strategy to restore dental health and control these sources of damage. This approach helps to prevent dental destruction in the future, maximizes longevity of teeth and dental restorations, and helps create a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Our state of the art dental facility was built in 2011, and was designed to create a warm and comforting environment. When you come to see us we want you to feel at home. You can stop in early and enjoy a cup of soothing herbal tea and relax in our inviting reception area.

The comfortable and open treatment rooms are outfitted with the most advanced dental equipment available including comfortable ergonomic patient chairs, Digital dental X-rays, Digital photography, Dental Lasers, and electric hand-pieces. This technology makes dental treatment safer, more comfortable, more precise, and more efficient.

At Wellness Centered Dentistry, our primary focus is developing personalized relationships with each of our patients. Our motto is “Individual Care for Individual People”. This means that our agenda in providing dentistry is to give you all the information you need about your dental conditions, risk factors, and treatment options so that you can make an informed decision, find out what your agenda is, and help you to accomplish it.

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