Holistic Dentistry Eugene Oregon

Holistic, Organic, or Biological Dentistry (whichever term you prefer to describe it) involves taking a different approach to the practice of dentistry. It means looking at a patient as a whole person and addressing any issues from that perspective. Many of the things that happen in the mouth affect the whole body and many things happening to the body have an impact in the mouth. A holistic approach means addressing all of these issues in the process of seeking optimal health.

Many of our patients are very conscious about maintaining a natural-healthy-organic Lifestyle. This can lead naturally to concerns about dental materials compatibility, chemical exposure, and treatment options that fit a holistic and organic philosophy. Whether your concerns are about fluoride, mercury fillings, root canals, surgical techniques or biocompatibility we are here to help.

Old silver mercury fillings replaced with white fillings.

Holistic Dentist Eugene Oregon

Mercury Fillings, an old,
non-holistic approach.

Eugene Holistic Dentist

Replacement of mercury fillings with
biocompatible and bioesthetic material!