Eugene endodontics root canal:

Endodontics is used in the treatment of infected teeth. When damage to a tooth affects the nerve, blood supply to the tooth and the tissue in the center of the tooth called dental “pulp”, the tooth can become inflamed or even develop an infection or “abscess”. Once this occurs there are only two options to treat the situation:

Root Canal Therapy: This procedure involves removing the inflamed or infected tissue and placing a dental filling that extends to the end of the root and seals the space where the pulp was removed. A tooth in this condition then needs a crown to protect the remaining tooth structure from fracturing.

Tooth Extraction: If root canal therapy is not an option then the inflamed/infected tooth must be completely removed. This should be done utilizing techniques that preserve as much jaw bone as possible to maintain esthetics and tooth replacement options in the future.

When is a root canal required?

Tooth pain, or swelling is the most typical symptom. Regular x-rays can indicate a dark spot near the tooth’s root.

Eugene Root Canals