Teeth Whitening or Teeth Bleaching

Two options for Teeth Whitening in Eugene Oregon

Teeth Whitening / Bleaching: Teeth whitening or bleaching is the process by which your natural tooth structure is made whiter or lighter. There are two basic methods:

Opalensce Teeth Whitening Kit
Zoom Teeth Whitening

Our Eugene staff will first examine your teeth to ensure that you do not have any cavities or other dental issues that would make teeth whitening unsafe. If your teeth and gums are healthy, a personalized tray is prepared to apply the whitening solution to the teeth; the quality and accuracy of your exam and tray are crucial to both your health and the success of the procedure.

What are the costs of teeth whitening in Eugene?

How does the in-home teeth whitening cost compare to the in-office teeth whitening cost, and which is more effective?

The at home teeth whitening is a custom tray with whitening gel that goes in it. We usually sell it as whitening for life, meaning you do the initial custom whitening trays, then every six months when you come in for your cleaning you get a couple of tubes of gel to touch up your whitening. We use Opalescence, which is an Ultradent product. The in-home teeth whitening cost is under $300.

Our in-office teeth whitening product is Zoom, which is basically an hour in the office using a high intensity light to activate the bleach – Zoom teeth whitening is highly marketed by the company that sells it, the cost for this is in the $500 range; and it is a one time procedure.

In-home teeth whitening with Opalescence

We give you the teeth whitening kit and you apply the solution over several applications in the comfort of your own home.

  • less expensive than the in-office teeth whitening procedure
  • requires more time, approx. two weeks
  • equally effective method

In-office Zoom Teeth Whitening, or teeth bleeching

Using a stronger teeth whitening solution, we can accomplish whiter teeth in just one visit.

  • more expensive than inhome whitening
  • done in one visit

Contact Wellness Centered Dentistry for any questions you may have regarding any teeth whitening you may need. Our newer facility has some of the most high tech equipment for the most complicated procedures.